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Orange Europe is a company established in Sweden and is subsidiary of Orange for agricultural Crops. Orange Europe is a part of the family-owned business along with four other companies. We are active in the fruit and vegetable industry and our mission is to manage Orange for agriculture Crops business in Europe as well as manage different business deals. Our offices are located in Germany and Sweden. We export to 21 different countries around the world but our main goal is to grow in the European market. We strive to develop our performance and satisfy our customers by delivering high quality products.


Our products have the best condition with a lot of sunshine as well as rich soil. We strive to offer the best products with the best quality for our customers and therefore we have a strict control on our products. Our companies use IPM techniques when it comes to pesticide management and application. Only authorized pesticides in Europe are used and PHI are followed in order to match MRLs of European countries. 

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Packing House

Our packinghouses are scattered over a total area of 30 000 squared meters. Its also equipped with 4 high end production lines making us capable of producing 1000 tons of citrus per day. We also have a 4000 tons cold storage area which gives us many advantages over the competition and a bigger area for maneuvering. With a skillful team Orange Europe makes sure to apply the newest technologies in the production to increase the efficiency . Sustainability is always important to us and therefore we use the most advanced technology to prevent and minimize waste in all forms.

Our Certificates

Quality and customer satisfaction is important for us and therefore we have high standards with high quality certificates

Global G.A.P GRASP is a voluntary module developed to assess social practices on the farm addressing specific aspects of workers' health, safety and welfare.

ISO 22000 sets requirements for a food safety management system. It shows what an organization needs to do to insure that the food is safe.

Global G.A.P is a brand that stands for a range of standards for safe, socially and environmentally responsible farming practices

FSC is an international organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world's forests.

BRCGS is a market leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain, offering a range of standards where certification provides a mark of food quality, safety and responsibility.

Sedex helps a company to reach its sustainable business goals. This allows the company to quickly identify and manage risks in an effective way.


Tons expoted annually
100 k+
Packing houses
60 0 +
1 +

We have 600 amazing employees , 200 in each packing house, who have many years of experience with fruit, packaging, etc to ensure the best quality possible. 

Tons yearly

Annually 60 000 tons of our high quality fruit is exported to Europe.


We have all the certificates that ensures our clients of our  high quality and safe products.


Each one of our products has its own season. Thanks to our wide range of different fruit, we are active all year around.

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Today we have 2 sales offices in Sweden and Germany. Contact our sales Director Alexander Salomonsson for further questions. 

+46 70 404 33 14

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We are able to produce around 1000 tons of citrus a day which is around 35 containers daily! Our packinghouses are scattered over an area of 30 000 squared meters  

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